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Mission Statement

Vision Statement
North Lee Elementary School envisions a community where excellence, integrity, and leadership guide every student to become confident, productive citizens and lifelong learners.
Mission Statement

At North Lee Elementary School, we partner with parents and the community to cultivate excellence, integrity, and leadership in our students. Our mission is to develop confident, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a safe, nurturing environment. We achieve high academic performance through meaningful relationships, fostering a culture of success and future leaders.


Core Values

Leadership. Integrity. Excellence

Statement of Beliefs
  1. We believe children deserve a safe, positive environment.
  2. We believe all children can learn.
  3. We believe learning should be challenging without being discouraging.
  4. We believe parents and community must be involved.
  5. We believe high expectations increase individual academic performance.
  6. We believe students should be prepared to function productively in the highly technological twenty-first century.
  7. We believe that our administration, faculty, and staff work as a team using testing, research, curriculum, and other resources to make decisions and policies that guide our school.